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Here is the newest preview for my ongoing sticker series I call "Seeing Double", where I take one design and choose a different colorway. The first time I ever did this was when I made the Kallen Bunny suits. She was originally in red but I gave her a blue and purple makeover which I preferred over the original. Many more preferred the original lol.

While we're at the subject of "originals", I don't like to draw waifus on clothes, only stickers. I am beginning to stray away from that too. Although I am a fan of an anime series, I feel like it is not my story to tell through my clothes. It's also against my mission statement. 

I didn't wanna make weeaboo/otaku clothes you can similarly find at any other store.

 I wanted to make cool and unique products that are anime inspired. "Inspired" being the main word here. I may reference my favorite anime but you wouldn't be able to tell from the final product. I had my own vision for a look, my own story to tell. That's why I don't like using characters. 

To each their own but I wanted to thank all those that have supported me and my creative endeavors. 

OH YEAH THE MYSTICAL GIRLS ( Sorry, I get carried away)

These girls were inspired by cute girls online ( as always). Girls who are into crystals and their magical powers, girls who are into nature and it's vast beauty, and girls who are into space and it's infinite wonders.

Usually for my "seeing double" series, i would only do two colors, but...why the fuck not do 6 lol I was able to make pastels of all the colors( red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow) AND i was able to use a wider spectrum of skin tones. 

I figured the pink one would be people's favorite because she was pink but it made me really excited to see people choosing the blue haired girl because she was darker. I've always wanted to make a darker girl and she got a great response. That made me happy :) 

Thanks for reading <3



Oh, black and white mystical girls are coming when these are released as a surprise

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