COZY [ Hoodie ]

  • $65.00

Unisex matching sweat suit with coordinating designs featuring:
iiii, story text, and four eyes

Hoodies: Hood features the iiii on the left. Front also has iiii and upside town kanji that reads "day after tomorrow" and text "tomorrow". The left sleeve also has TOMORROW on the wrist. The back has the text and four eyes design combined offset to the right. 


Colors featured-
Halloween: Black, Orange, White
City: Grey, Navy, White
Forrest: Military Green, Black, White

Set is perfect for those who want to stay cozy at home or on the go and still look good.



TEXT ( Full text on bottoms, shortened version on sweaters)

It was fun while it lasted
Do you think we’ll ever do it again?
Maybe...probably, but not for long
Why do you say that?
We’ll probably only hit each other up when we’re bored
I never hit you up when I was bored
I did
Did you ever feel anything? For me?
Of course I did. Did you?
Yeah. a little.
What do you mean when?
Was there a specific moment
you knew you broke our promise?
Well, the first time was just for funthen I came back for seconds
The third time I began questioning“Why did I come back?”and by the fourth time
you let me stay the night
Thats probably when
So what now?
I dont know.
Are we still friends?
Were we ever friends in the first place?
We can start now
I think it’s a little too late for that
We just did things a little differently
I don’t think this is going to work out
So is this a goodbye?
Maybe I’ll see you later