Where is my tracking information?
We do not send out tracking information unless requested. Usually shipping is very quick but if you would like to keep track, send us an email with your name, email and/or order number.  

Do you accept sponsorship or collaborations?
Send your portfolio to our email and we'll keep in contact! We don't accept many sponsorships because most products are made in limited quantity for the customers sake. 

When do you release new products?
Every 3 months, which is every Volume ( or season). Usually early January, April, July, October. Sometimes there are special mid-season releases. 

How can I contact you?
We respond to every social media and email to the best of our ability :)

How did you start your brand? Is there any advice you can give me?
Google. Youtube. 

Can I exchange an order?
Sure. Email us and we'll send you a return label. BUT all transactions during sales are final. No returns or exchanges. Sorry. 

Do you have a sizing chart? 
Yes we do although the feel of the shirt may change depending on the design and intent. All shirts are true to size for Men with minimal shrinkage. 

S - 18 inches wide 25 inches long
M - 20 inches wide 28 inches long

L - 21.5 inches wide 30  inches long
XL - 24 inches wide 31.5  inches long
XXL - 25.5 inches wide  33  inches long