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Is Spring here yet?

Is Spring here yet?

3 Months has passed by so quickly. Lucky for us we've been able to make or release something every week so far and its been so exciting. Our heavy Hoodies did so great and some of our newer items were well received. It makes me so happy to see the support for new items. Its literally what I wanted lol Hopefully more people are open to them as well. We've been really choosing quality garments to print on as well and I would wear everything all the time.

Right now I have a lot of shirts being made for particularly two reasons. Manufacturing overseas has been a little slow because they were on holiday and it generally just takes a long time to produce and ship things over here. The other reason is that i wanted to revamp our look. Over the past few conventions, i noticed we had the same items and nothing was changing for awhile. Nothing I was happy with. I decided to take a break from doing conventions to really focus my energy ( very little of what i have ) to design and make new items. So far they really show off where we can go and provide a look im proud of. 

And thats just the beginning. I dont want to constrict myself to my own drawings or designs. Theres a whole wide audience and variety of " vibes " to offer and it should be showcased.

More than just an anime brand would be the goal at this point.
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